Tile Cleaning Granite Bay

Have you just installed tile and grout floors, showers, or countertops and fallen in love with their clean, new appearance? Do you know how to preserve that clean look? Maybe you have existing tile and grout which has lost its pristine look? SacSurfacePro, the local expert and leader for Tile Cleaning in Granite Bay, is here to help. Our specialty is cleaning and maintaining the tile and grout surfaces in your home. Since 2005 we have been providing professional sealing and Tile Cleaning in the Granite Bay area. We inform our clients of the proper methods of care for their grout and tile surfaces, to maintain that “like new” glow. Many homeowners lose pride in their homes and hesitate to entertain guests due to the dingy appearance of their grout and tile. Soap scum or mildew can ruin the once beautiful sparkle of your tile shower. Today, you can restore the pride in your home by using SacSurfacePro’s services and practicing our tried and true care methods.

Tile Cleaning Granite Bay

Unlike many companies in the area, SacSurfacePro is NOT a carpet cleaning company that arbitrarily added tile cleaning to our list of services. Many carpet cleaners in Granite Bay and throughout the Sacramento area specialize in carpet, but have little expertise in tile cleaning. Many of their websites contain information and reviews about carpet cleaning, but neglect the importance of maintaining tile and grout surfaces. Many of these carpet cleaners do not have the tools, skill, or experience in cleaning natural stone surfaces. Often they want to avoid the liability of potential damage to a tile or grout surface in the cleaning process. We are experts at cleaning tile and grout and have been perfecting this service since 2005. We have a great deal of expertise in proper care of porcelain or ceramic tile and how it differs from the care of natural stone surfaces such as marble, travertine, or limestone. We have all the right tools, attachments, products and expertise for cleaning natural stone and grout. Please consider SacSurfacePro for all your tile cleaning needs in Granite Bay!

What’s the Bottom Line?

The grout in a tile floor attracts dirt first, and makes the entire surface appear neglected. In high traffic areas, the grout can rapidly become dingy due to pet accidents, children’s mishaps, or entertaining spills. All these aspects of daily messes can add to the buildup of stains and dirt in grout. However, many homeowners do not know that using the wrong products can worsen the problem. In unsealed tile showers, mildew and mold breed quickly in grout because moisture lingers. That mildew leaves a damp odor and an unsightly stain. Bacteria lurk and reproduce in kitchen tile grout, causing potential health issues for your family and guests during food preparation. On tile counters, spills and stains create a discolored appearance that can be embarrassing when entertaining guests. SacSurfacePro has the solution to all of these potential threats to restore the healthy clean shine of your bath and kitchen tile and grout surfaces.

How often should I have my tile and grout professionally cleaned?

In most cases, we at SacSurfacePro recommend you have your floors cleaned every 1-3 years. Dirt on tile floor grout will penetrate at an unpleasant rate of approximately 1 millimeter per year. Too much delay between cleanings makes it less likely for us to return that like-new sparkle back in your kitchen and bath. We recommend deep cleaning your counters as frequently as your floors, every 1-3 years. Shower tile and grout need a deep clean every 1-2 years. As one of the most used and abused surfaces in the home, the shower area needs more frequent care to create a “clean” space for your family and guests to bathe. Nothing is more embarrassing for a hostess than a shower that looks mildewed and smells damp, and nothing is more unpleasant for your guests.

Maintain your tile and grout flooring the SacSurfacePro way:

Tile Cleaning Granite Bay | SacSurfacePro specializes in professional cleaning of tile and grout and uses our proven 6-8 step process (depending on maintenance or restoration clean). Maintenance cleaning is recommended for tile that is regularly cleaned (every one to three years). A restoration clean requires two additional steps, which is a bit more expensive, but still necessary. We follow these steps for a routine maintenance clean:

Step 1: Pre-vacuum floor to remove any large particles (if necessary)
Step 2: Pre-spray with a professional tile and grout cleaner to loosen dirt and stains.
Step 3: Pre-scrub grout lines to suspend dirt and soil for removal.
Step 4: Clean and extract dirt and soil with very hot (200 plus degree) water.
Step 5: Seal grout or stone and/or grout with a commercial grade sealer.
Step 6: Buff floor to remove any excess sealer.

* A restoration clean requires two additional cleaning steps in between Step 4 & 5 *

Tile Cleaning Granite Bay

Homeowner Care Tips To Maintain Your Tile & Grout

  • After a pre-vacuuming with a soft attachment, damp mop floors with a microfiber mop for best results. We recommend the use of Floor Magic which is a lemon-scented neutral cleaner with optical brighteners. It is easy to use and very economical.
  • Clean rugs should be placed at all entrances from the outdoors to help prevent scratching your natural stone floors

Turn on exhaust fan and leave shower doors open after use for quicker removal of moisture from shower areas.